Fare Well - "Wellness" and "Clean" Diets Declaration

Fare Well - "Wellness" and "Clean" Diets Declaration

Ruby Tandoh's article for Vice.com sums up Deliberate Fare's position on "Wellness" and "Clean" diets.

The Unhealthy Truth Behind "Wellness" and "Clean Eating' by Ruby Tandoh on Vice.com (May 13, 2016)

Many a sleepless night I have had trying to clearly state my position about fad diets, including the gluten-free and vegan movement (of course, for persons without medical or religious reasons for subscribing to these plans). To see my short and sweet version, may I refer you, dear Reader, to my About Us page and specifically the section entitled "These Ain't Typical Recipes?"

Sleep, I shall, once more, now that Ruby Tandoh, sugar-coated Ruby from "The Great British Bake Off," has stated the position so eloquently in her article for Vice.com. I agree with every sentiment in this glorious paper.

Long-story short

Comfort food is so very important. So, let's focus on balanced food, moderation, and looking forward to our meals with family and friends.