Fiesta with the Twinkies this winter holiday season as we make tamales without garlic and onion and full of Tex-Mex flavor! Of course, there will be themed sides and goodies! Low-FODMAP delicioso!

My Twinkie, Mollie of Fit Fab FODMAP y yo are at it again! In preparation for the winter holiday season, we have lofty plans for a Tamaliday! What's a Tamaliday? It's like a snow-day, but Texas-style! A day off from work with close friends, preparing and eating fresh tamales (a Mexican savory, meat-filled corn package and a Texas holiday tradition) and other Tex-Mex goodies. Let me tell you more.

Y'all know that both Mollie and I are native Texans. And if you know anything about Texans, then you know that we love our Mexican culinary heritage. When we first became low-FODMAP foodie friends, Mollie and I immediately decided we needed to make low-FODMAP tamales. Most tamale recipes call for onions and garlic, and some Yankee versions even include regular flour (gasp!). Well, after giving it lots of time to simmer, we came up with a tamale recipe that we both know will make our stomaches delighted and meet our high expectations for authentic Tex-Mex goodness.

Of course, we simply can't serve tamales alone on our Tamaliday! Therefore, we've come up with a few sides and a postre (dessert), because what fiesta would be complete without a little something sweet. As with our Tea Party, we will give you an insider's peek at our planning so that you may, too, may have a little Tamaliday of your own at home this holiday season.

Chicken Tamales

As mentioned above, the tamales are the building block of this Tamaliday. Let me show you how Mollie and I plan to make these bundles of flavor.

  • Step 1: Research - think of this as the first rung on the winding staircase of mise en place
  • Step 2: Onion-Free Chicken Stock - onion-free stock used to flavor tamales, made a week in advance and stored in freezer until ready to use
  • Step 3: Simply Roasted Chicken - made the night before and refrigerated until ready to use
  • Step 4: Corn Husks - soak these bad boys overnight
  • Step 5: Masa Dough - a naturally gluten-free dough made the day of
  • Step 6: Assembly and Steam - here's the deal - tamale assembly is better done with friends as it is labor-intensive to smear, dollop, roll, and tie up dozens of these savory morsels, that's why we Twinkies are sticking together on this job
  • Step 7: Package - the recipe yields 36 tamales which will be chilled and frozen until ready for future use (eating or gifting)
  • Tamaliday Sides and Sweets

  • Cilantro Lime Rice - by FitFabFODMAP AKA Mollie, this light and aromatic rice will be the perfect accompaniment to the hearty, spicy tamales
  • Sautéed Vegetables - zucchini and squash sautéed lightly in oil
  • Mexican Tarta Chocolate - vegan, low-FODMAP, and gluten-free pie made the day before and refrigerated until served (it's going to be hard to resist taking un pequeno sample of this postre the day that it's made!). Pie crust made with Teff Graham Crackers.
  • Gifts that Keep on Giving

    Mollie and I love the idea of making something homemade to share with friends and family. On our Tamaliday, we will be bundling up small packages of Homemade Vanilla Extract (recipe from Living Homegrown podcast). Mollie, the crafty side our our duo, found the cutest little bottles and labels to personalize these small gifts. We can't wait to share photos of the completed presents with you. P.S. if you're planning to make vanilla as a gift for someone special, you will need to begin the process a minimum of two months in advance (we started ours whilst Tea Party planning this year). P.P.S. We love that the vanilla fits perfectly into our Tex-Mex theme, as Mexican Vanilla is absolutely the BEST vanilla extract on earth.