Vegan Dark Chocolate Ganache

Vegan Dark Chocolate Ganache

Velvety smooth, glossy ganache that is free of animal products, low on fat, zero oil, soy- and gum-free, and requires no double-boiler...did you just do a double-take? I did! Low-FODMAP in small quantities. Created for Prinsesstarta!

By, variation of Elana’s Pantry’s chocolate ganache

Velvety, dark chocolate ganache with a perfect sheen is truly something to behold. You will get it every time with this simple recipe. And, it is easy to eat, thanks to being dairy- and oil-free and using chocolate that is free of fillers, soy, and gums.

I mildly tweaked Elana's Pantry's excellent recipe to use homemade Almond Milk in place of coconut milk in order to maintain consistency of flavor when using the ganache to coat almond-based confections, such as chocolate covered marzipan balls. A side bonus to using almond milk is that it has zero saturated fat! Happy dance!

What I love about this recipe: it is so fast and does not require a double-boiler method like most recipes; it does not have any animal products thus minimizing total fat and eliminating additional saturated fat (chocolate contains a bit of saturated fat naturally); it does not have any oil which makes it great for serving to persons like my brother who abstain from oils for religious purposes; it can be made ahead of time, frozen, and then heated up again to top baked goods in the far, far, far future.



  1. Onto stove top at low heat, heat almond milk in small sauce pan. Add to warm milk dark chocolate. Stir well until chocolate has completely melted and combined with milk. Do not boil; do not simmer. Remove ganache from heat when melted.
  2. At this time, the ganache is ready for immediate use or may be stored for later use.


  • Ganache keeps very well in freezer. Simply pour ganache into ziplock plastic bag, lay bag flat in freezer, and freeze overnight. Freeze for up to 3 months. When ready to use, reheat frozen ganache in a double-boiler on stove top. Wha-wha, I know, the standard recipe does not call for a double-boiler, but caution must be used when reheating chocolate ganache.
  • This Ganache makes a lovely coating for truffles and bonbons as well as gorgeous decorative flare to cakes such as Prinsesstarta.
  • Because there are no fillers (including wax), anything topped with the ganache should be refrigerated until about 5 minutes before serving.
  • I recommend using homemade Almond Milk for this recipe, as it thickens better than store-bought, gum-free almond milk when heated.
  • Migraine Warning: Chocolate and Nuts (almond).