Vegan and Sugar-Free Buttercream Frosting

Vegan and Sugar-Free Buttercream Frosting

Non-glycemic, sugarless, and dairy-free buttercream frosting. It's good to have frosting again, right, Dad?


To keep Dad's sweet-tooth in line with his need to watch his sugar intake, I developed this super-easy, dairy-free and sugar-free buttercream frosting. Made with powdered Swerve, an erythritol, oligosaccharide, and natural flavor from citrus sugarless product that mimics the sweetness of sugar, this frosting has a has a light sweetness. Unlike the other sugarless sweeteners, it does not have a bitter and long-lasting aftertaste to me. According to the Swerve website, "it's zero-calorie, non-glycemic and safe for those living with diabetes, since it has no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels."

A warning for my low-FODMAP friends, this frosting is not FODMAP-friendly due to the presence of oligosaccharides. Sorry, Charlie. However, I do have an amazing Vegan Buttercream Frosting that is low-FODMAP and made without refined sugars! Who's got your back? This gal!


  • ¾ cup palm shortening
  • 1 cup Swerve confectioner's sugar
  • 1 - 2 tsp filtered water
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tiny pinch (as in, less than â…› tsp) kosher salt


  1. In bowl of standing mixer fitted with paddle attachment (this is not a typo!), add palm shortening, Swerve confectioner's sugar, water, vanilla extract, and salt. Mix at low speed until combined.
  2. Increase mixer speed to high and beat for 30 seconds until fluffy and smooth.
  3. Turn off mixer. Place plastic wrap over mixing bowl and place into refrigerator to harden for 30 minutes to 1 hour before using.
  4. Whip frosting ever so briefly to allow it to thicken a bit before piping. After frosting cupcakes, place into refrigerator to harden frosting again.


  • Although the conversion chart for Swerve states otherwise, a 1:1 replacement is very heavy-handed for this sweetener. Use my measurements or even less if you're unsure. If you add too much sweetener, then no worries, simply add more shortening and whip up again.
  • This recipe makes 2 cups of frosting, which is pah-lenty to do all types of fancy piping work on your cakes and cupcakes and sugar cookies.
  • Frosting keeps for several days in refrigerator in ziplock plastic bag. Frosting also stores well in freezer (store for up to 3 months) in freezer-safe plastic bag; defrost in refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature on counter before using. It's a good idea to whip the frosting for a minute before using.