Carrot Fries

Carrot Fries

Oven-baked, "healthy" French fry with loads of flavor and nutrients from organic carrots and fresh dill. Vegan, gluten- and soy-free, low-FODMAP, migraine-friendly sticks of comfort.


Honestly, I am not a fan of raw carrots…their taste is off to me, my jaw is sore after chomping them, and my stomach hurts if I eat a full serving…seriously. Cooked carrots, on the other hand, are splendidly sweet and easy for me to handle on all counts. If roasted, they have a lovely caramel flavor that really perks up any meal.

In honor of National Fries Day, let’s make some oven-baked carrot fries, a “healthy” French fry with loads of flavor and nutrients (e.g., A, C, K, Potassium). Be sure to get organic carrots, that way you can skip peeling the outer skin and keep the good vitamins.


  • 2 lbs organic carrots
  • 2 Tbsp vegetable oil that can withstand a high heat (such as grapeseed - not olive)
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • ½ tsp ground black pepper
  • 2 tsp finely chopped, fresh dill


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. On a large cutting board, cut the tops and ends off of carrots. Slice each carrot in half through the middle (horizontal) and then in half from top to bottom (vertical). If your carrots are the mammoth-sized variety, then cut vertically one more time. The goal is for each piece to be about the width of your thumb nail. Place ends and tops into freezer bag in freezer for your next batch of Vegan Vegetable Stock.
  3. Thoroughly dry each carrot piece with a clean kitchen towel.
  4. Place carrot pieces into large bowl, set aside.
  5. Add to bowl of carrots oil, salt, and pepper. Mix thoroughly to coat each carrot piece.
  6. Line a large sheet pan with either foil or parchment paper. Onto lined pan, add carrots. Spread out carrots so that they are not touching.
  7. Place pan in preheated 425 degree oven. Bake for 15 – 20 minutes, turning once about halfway through the baking time.
  8. When carrots are tender when pricked with a fork and caramelized (not singed), remove pan from oven and place on cooling rack. Top with fresh dill.
  9. Line serving dish with paper towel and place carrot fries atop platter.
  10. Serve carrot fries immediately.


  • Serve with your favorite condiment, such as ketchup, vinegar, special sauce, or eat plain jane.
  • Carrot fries, once baked, do not keep well. Oh, darn, you have to eat them all!
  • To save time for your next carrot fry craving, go ahead and prep the carrot pieces (without coating in oil/salt/pepper), place in freezer-safe plastic bag, and freeze. No need to defrost before using. Add approximately 10 minutes to the baking time, checking and turning more than once during baking time.