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Meaningful acts of sharing feedback


Write me a note, and I will get right back to you as soon as I tidy up the kitchen. Inquiries are personally and thoughtfully answered by me under the supervision of our lap kitty, Mia Dolce Gabbana. I promise to not judge your comments too harshly and to respond in a very timely manner (I am a Southern lady, after all). And, I promise to have a glass of champagne while corresponding (read: please forgive typos).

Deliberate Fare

P.O. Box 6673

Houston, TX 77265-6673


Curious to see real-time postings of what’s cooking at our City-Ranch and my pics of this tasty world? I post almost daily on Instagram @deliberatefare. Do you love to photo share as much as I do? Then show me some love and tag your photos of our recipes using #deliberatefare.


Love cooking shows? Love reality tv? Love music videos? Check out our Vimeo account, turn up your volume, and let’s laugh together in the kitchen. Extra credit given if you dance with me.