Our Art

Pop Art for Peeps with Food Issues

If you have ever met me, then you have probably gathered a few tidbits automatically. I’m blunt to a fault. I’m opinionated. I’m a devout Texan. I love good, real food (not frou-frou foam disguised as food). I love art. I love fashion. I love music (think: Annie Lennox – Ozzy and of course Black Sabbath – Metallica – Cyndi Lauper – Beethoven – Everclear – Emmylou – Queen – Flo Rida – J.T.).

Keeping in line with joy-seeking, everything in DeliberateFare.com relates to who I am and what I love. There is no bashful hiding behind the curtain here.

We’ve added realistic and entertaining features to this site to keep things interesting for you as you read through what can sometimes be boring content (have you ever read a list of ingredients at 11:00PM?).


Some recipes and simulate articles feature videos of yours truly lip-syncing, dancing, and cooking (look closely, you might even spot one of our City-Ranch pets bossing me around). These are set to my kind of music, so turn up the volume and let’s have a cooking par-tay! (Side notes: (1) No, I am not giving instructions in the videos, that is me singing to whatever song was playing while I was cooking in real time; (2) Yes, that is me dancing as my dancing double is on sabbatical at Mount Kilimanjaro; (3) Yes, my Mr. Wonderful is available to DJ at your cousin’s bar mitzvah).


Remember, I am blunt, and the same goes for my artwork. One photo is all you get for each recipe and simulate article. The good thing is that it is a snap of the final product or essential step so that you will always know what it is supposed to look like. Who has time for culinary guessing games? Not this gal. All photos are taken by moi in situ at the City-Ranch, and I am doing my best to channel my inner Annie Leibovitz for your viewing pleasure. Want to see more of my pics? Then hop on over to Instagram @deliberatefare where I post in real time using nothing but my iPhone camera.


Each article begins with a brief summary of how on earth I came up with this concept and how it relates to food issues. I will try to be as entertaining as possible without charging you a cover fee for laughs. Other than in this article, I am to-the-point and promise to not bore you in every posting with verbose dronings on about my culinary prowess.


I know the media I like to work with in my cooking art, and I like Texan-made, simple, and organic ingredients. I will unabashedly plug my favorite items so that you can have a glimpse inside of my own pantry. I am not paid to do so…if that ever changes, you can find me at Neiman’s shoe section slipping these size 8-and-a-half’s into the latest Dolce & Gabbana printed wedge sandal. More of my go-to ingredients are located on Pinterest @DeliberateFare. Got suggested groceries for me? Then direct message me a Pin, friend, and I will check it out.

Ultimately, art is about how it makes you feel when you experience it. Try out the various artistic modalities on this site and let me know what moves you (or doesn’t, I’m a big girl and take criticism). All in all, our hope is that you will find something on DeliberateFare.com that brings you joy in the kitchen when you make essential food for the essential persons in your life.