Fare Well – Gluten-Free Prepared Baked Goods

Fare Well – Gluten-Free Prepared Baked Goods

An running list of Deliberate Fare's recommendations for gluten-free prepared baked goods. For peeps with gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance. Use caution for persons with Celiac disease.

Y'all, I have had a lot of friends as me for my go-to brands for gluten-free baked goods that are easily found at the grocery or ordered online. Here's a list to get you started, and we will do our best to keep this list updated as new products fit the bill. We try a lot of gluten-free prepared goods, and honestly, very few make the cut. Listed here are those few items that actually taste like the "real thing," hold up well, have great texture, and few ingredients. We do not receive any compensation for our suggestions.

We like to keep extras of these items in the freezer or pantry (I even leave a few in my sister's pantry!) as I have a real fear of doing without!

There are a variety of food issues in our household between my Mr. Wonderful and myself, so in addition to being gluten-free, all items are dairy-free, onion-free, and soy-free. A few products are also low-FODMAP safe, migraine-friendly, and gum-free. All are vegan or vegetarian. If you are seeking foods for persons with Celiac needs, please be cautious to use only products with certified gluten-free labeling (products on this page were certified gluten-free at the time of publication).

* Denotes item that we keep in refrigerator or freezer in order to prolong freshness.